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francisco, oakland, heyward, san leandro and alameda are also flying the rainbow flags this week. >>> we have heard a lot from people who live in cities but what about the suburbs? new at noon sal castaneda joins us now live from walnut creek to let us know what people are saying there about the court says. >> reporter: tori some are watching the suburbs pretty closely as you might remember proposition 8 did better in the suburbs than it did in urban areas. in walnut creek we found people on both sides of the issue. as the supreme court ponders whether to let proposition 8 stand. proponents of same sex marriage say acceptance has start today reach the suburbs. -- started to reach the suburbs. it was in those areas where it had the most support but some say that's changing. >> i hope so. i mean all the surveys and things that i've read. people are becoming more accepting. you know, i'm no different than you or me. i own a home. i have a pet. and i work. you know. so when people you know, there's a family member or a friend or a co-worker, i think p
a full report coming up at 5:00. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. >>> oakland mayor jean quan spent the morning delivering meals to homebound seniors. it was part of mayors for meals day held by the meals on wheels. a. mayor quan went door to door at the san pablo hotel which is a senior res deposition community -- residential community. >> it's one of these programs that helps the acceptiers. it is a smart -- seniors. it is a smart program. it could cost a lot more to take care of these people in these homes. >> meals on wheels delivers 500 meals per day throughout the city of oakland. >>> some people could be eating genetically engineered salmon. it's awaiting approval from the fda. new at noon, tara moriarty is live with more on the grocery chains refusing to sell the fish. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon. two markets here announced they will boycott this fish. one of them whole foods. this comes as a decision from the fda is immiment. there is a big figure and a little fish. the big one is genetically engin
to oakland police to get an update regarding the case and to confirm if an investigator will be signed. we're waiting for a call back. the canvassing will continue throughout the day and organizers say they have been meeting every night at the church to reconvene and to plan new search efforts. >>> the medical examiner has been called out to the caltrain tracks in san jose where a woman's body was found. investigators are looking at evidence between the diridon and tamien station stops. she may have been hit by a southbound train but the circumstances of her death are still under investigation. trains are on schedule. >>> a shooting this morning left a man dead in san jose in the ninth homicide of the year. police why called to murtha and capitol avenue around 4:30 this morning. a man was shot in the chest. so far, police don't have a suspect or motive. >>> authorities are trying to figure out how a man got into an elevator shaft at a bart station. bart police say the homeless man died last night after being crushed by an elevator going up. his bo
their investigation into the stolen ar-15 similar to this led them to a home on 88th avenue in oakland last night. the gun was taken from a locked undercover san francisco police car on saturday night. >> it's a very big relief. since the incident took place, the police department is work nonstop to locate the weapon and also identify the persons responsible for the theft. >> oakland police say they detained several people at the home where the rifle was found but nobody was arrested. the gun thief could face felony theft charges. >>> experts are checking out how much damage was done to a sailboat stolen and beached near pacifica yesterday. the 82-foot "darling" was towed to richmond overnight and is now on dry land. the boat has a broken rudder and loose keel and repairs could cost more than the boat is worth. a salvage crew had a tricky task in gaining control of the vessel yesterday. >> there's a lot of danger involved in it. the divers had to swim out to the vessel and grab a boarding ladder and get up on it with the vessel rocking violently. >> the boat's
of the damage is between $150,000 and $200,000. >>> early-morning raids in oakland netted at least 12 suspects linked to some of the city's most violent crimes. the bust began early this morning around 5:00 in more than a dozen locations across the town and around the bay area. in addition to the arrests, authorities see several guns -- seized several guns. local officers collaborated with federal agents from the fbi, atf and the dea. >> we can't do it alone. so in addition to all of our federal, state and local partners that have joined us today, we have commitments from them to be here as long as necessary so that they can help us reduce violent crime in oakland. >> officers are still looking for at least 7 more suspects. >>> well, police in san jose have shut down a massive tent city. hundreds of homeless are being told to leave and as kpix 5 reporter anne makovec tells us, officials are offering alternatives but not everyone is taking them. >> reporter: they were given 72 hours' warning that the city was coming in to move them out. people like
. oakland police say they wanted to question jeans in an alleged attack on his girlfriend. officers said they thought he was reaching for a gun but it turned out to be a small scale. the alameda county d.a. sea office later you -- d.a.'s office later rule the shooting was justified. >>> people inside a home thought a car driving through the house was an earthquake. they saw the car crashed in their home. did about $10,000 of damage. >> it knocked all of our stuff to the middle of the garage, glasses broke in, pictures, important papers. dryer is completely broke in. we have to get a new dryer. just crazy! >> witnesses said they could not tell if the driver was a man or a woman. police said the woman might have been intoxicated and will face hit-and-run urge chas at the min -- charges at the min min -- at the minimum. >>> engineers say implanted considers can be used to detect disease or be used to alert threats. the implanted computers are the product of ten years of work. the engineers say the microscopic computers can go in any cell. >>> north kore
giants and oakland as have broken camp in arizona and are wrapping up spring training in the bay area. they will play their annual bay bridge series which begins tonight at at&t park. >>> "forbes" magazine is out showing the world series san francisco giants are now worth $787 million. that's a 22% jump from last year. it is in part due to attendance at at&t park which was around 3.5 million and the paying down of the debt on the ballpark which could be paid off by 2017. the oakland as saw the greatest jump in value. they are 46% to 468 million. according to "forbes" it's due to more than 30 million in revenue-sharing income from rival clubs and a 14% jump in home attendance last season. the yankees topped the list at 2.3 billion. the dodgers are second at 1.6 billion, boston red sox are third, chicago cubs fourth and the phillies round out the top five, most valuable teams. >>> today at 5:00 on the ktvu news, we're continuing to monitor this deadly crash on interstate 80 in davis that shut down traffic in both directions. the crash caused a big ri
too. we already have 67 degrees in oakland, 67 in livermore, 66 in san francisco. and 66 degrees in santa rosa. as we head throughout the afternoon, plenty of sunshine, just a little haze out there but not bad. tonight, likely going to see a few clouds low fog. otherwise we have some changes as we head in toward the weekend. high pressure though sliding in overhead today bringing some very mild temperatures and this really going to continue to move eastward so behind that you have this cold front that's going to pay a visit to the bay area and change our weather. temperatures in the 70s in the warmer spots. this is going to be some kind of day. almost like spring outside. looking good if you are traveling today, too. about 76 in fresno. 75 degrees in sacramento. about 66 degrees in yosemite and 69 degrees into monterey bay. around our bay we are looking at temperatures running up into the mid-70s in towards san jose. you will see about 71 in fremont. east bay temperatures also running up into the 70s and looking good into the afternoon. and
of the valleys. temperatures still look on thecool side. 49 in oakland. 49 in santa rosa. 51 san francisco and now 55 and clear in concord. as we head throughout the afternoon, we should see more sunshine and well stale bit on the cool side especially approaching the coastline and low clouds and fog likely to make return tonight. and for tomorrow, we have got rain on the way. although i don't think it will affect most of your day. high pressure off the coastline and you've got this system bearing down on the bay area and it will take a while to get here but once it does, the rain will pick up late in the day tomorrow. otherwise, dry for today and looking good. as we head throughout the afternoon, low clouds and fog breaking up just a little bit and here comes the fog overnight and more clouds on the way and your cold front taking its time getting here. 7 or 8 at night tomorrow night so a little wet on the commute home leaving late and after that, it turns to more scattered showers as we head to wednesday and possibly into thursday. we may see a couple le
francisco or oakland. i think this really hit home with a lot of the police all over the country because it was such a close knit community. >> jerry brown just sat down at the memorial service that's set to begin in just a few minutes. you were talking about law enforcement from across the country. we did talk to the police chief in orange county. here's what he said. >> hit close to home. the agency is about the same size as the one i respect. we haven't lost an officer in 40 years. they all have an effect, but this one hit a little closer to home. >> as you said, even though they're miles and miles away, it really does ose to e they are like family, no matter what precinct or district they work in. there's that connection. >> absolutely. the service is just about to begin. we're told that they perhaps are waiting for some family to take their seats. they came in on the buses. it's important to note that folks back in santa cruz at the del mar theater also at the caser arena where they originally thought about doing this, it's a rather large arena,
. >>> a police chase that ended last night in oakland may have ties to crimes in hayward and san jose. our cameras captured these images of the pursuit. it ended when the car spun out on i-580 between harrison street and park boulevard. it began in hayward when officers tried to pull the driver over for a dui. police believe the three men inside could be linked to the shooting of a man driving with his wife and child in hayward early yesterday afternoon. >> there was an earlier incident that involved a shooting from a vehicle and right now we're just determining whether or not this vehicle was in fact involved in that. we're still investigating. >> hayward police officer also tweeted around midnight that officers had three suspects in custody, after a high speed chase. that may be involved in a san jose armed robbery and shooting. >>> hundreds of hotel workers at hilton san francisco union square are celebrating a new contract today. >> these workers, not only are going to have great wages, they are going to have health benefits, they are going to have a
could, 57 for oakland, upper 50s to near 60, santa rosa 61, san jose checking in about 60 degrees. these numbers a tad cooler than where we were 24 hours ago and i expect we'll end the day this way because take a look. those high clouds aren't going away. this is just the leading edge of a transformation taking place that will eventually lead us to some rain. the storms still way offshore about 600 miles. by tomorrow we will begin to see that rain. let me show you when. so for today we've got high and mid level clouds that continue to stream on through. it's tomorrow morning. we are still dry. the morning drive for tomorrow no problems here but by the afternoon a few light showers beginning to pop-up around the area. this is 6:00 tomorrow afternoon, so if you do have an evening drive home, especially if you ride your bike, light showers already in the forecast. those showers will continue into the overnight hours. wednesday morning this is the cold front that will swing through looks like 9:00 over the north bay and by 11:00 moving through the
are asked to contact the richmond police. the oakland police department is being restructured. and the changes take effect tomorrow. >> new at noon. lorraine blanco is live to tell us how they hope to reduce crime. good afternoon, lorraine. >> reporter: good afternoon, torii. they hope that businesses and residents knew their police force. we talked with a council member this morning who said you will notice a difference in the next 24 howevers. >> we are going to increase the daily beat to evening on night. >> he knows the district needs relief. >> this is in the area on international. and it is a challenge. the robberies, the assaults, the vandalism. >> reporter: the city will be decided into five police districts and each consent rated in their own area. you will see more officers on the streets. available to merchants and neighbors. >> it is the right thing to do. and yet the crime is being committed in certain areas and we have to focus and regardless of the budget shortfalls, our community and our business people have high demands
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13